Real Life Account Of Tanvi & Her 9-Month-Old Daughter Caught In The Coronavirus Outbreak In China

by Gizel Menezes
Real Life Account Of Tanvi & Her 9-Month-Old Daughter Caught In The Coronavirus Outbreak In China

A recent post on Facebook by a mother who survived the harrowing ordeal of the Coronavirus outbreak in Shanghai, when Wuhan was the epicenter of the virus, along with her then 6-month-old daughter, is just all the positivity and motivation we need to get through these times when the virus shows absolutely no signs of abating.

Tanvi Dadina, in her Facebook post, talks about how she, along with her now 9-month-year-old baby Kiana, and husband Rohin, decided to brave the Coronavirus outbreak and stayed put in Shanghai when Wuhan was going into a complete lockdown.

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Hello people …I have been hearing lot of incidents about my fellow Indians in India as well as abroad getting panic…

Tanvi Pedanekar Dadina यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, १३ मार्च, २०२०

In the post, she describes, how she and her husband were extremely scared, as they were first-time parents, in a foreign land, struggling with the language. While most of their known contacts in China decided to travel back to India, she and her husband knew the implications of traveling with a newborn, who wouldn’t be able to take the mask for too long, which could end up being quite a risky situation. So, it was during the Chinese New Year, that they took the difficult decision of living in Shanghai through the outbreak, which had the potential of intensifying further. The one-week holiday gave them enough time to work on a master plan to help them sustain through the outbreak. They only decided to travel to India in a do-or-die situation, as she called it.

The next thing they did was to educate themselves thoroughly – about the virus and the basic hygiene practices that were needed to be followed. They also studied the food situation in Wuhan extensively and if the lockdown that had been implemented there would actually reach Shanghai. Since her baby was 6 months old at that point of time and was on a solid food + breast milk diet, groceries had to be stocked up. Even supplementary items for the baby like wipes, diapers, other baby products, had to be stocked up. It was decided that her husband would the only one who went out to get groceries and other necessary items; Tanvi and her baby would not leave the house at all. It has been months since I’ve seen the open sky, she says, in the post.

However, the principal precaution that was undertaken seriously, she says, was that of personal hygiene practices and strict protocols. The family had to be protected at all costs and they were determined to get through this together more than ever.

Best Hygiene Practices To Be Followed At Home During The Outbreak

Here are few of the things Tanvi and her husband followed, which even you can take note of and include in your daily precautionary measures:

1. They cleaned the floor with Dettol every day since they had a baby who would crawl around the house.

2. Whenever her husband returned from his weekly chore of stocking up the groceries, she and her daughter locked themselves up in the bedroom, so that they wouldn’t come into contact with Rohin even by chance. It was only after he took a thorough bath and put his clothes to wash, did they meet him.

3. All outer covers of the delivery packages that entered the house were discarded and hands that came into contact with the package were immediately washed/sanitized.

Image Courtesy: Tanvi Pedanekar Dadina (Facebook)

However, the most important thing Tanvi said they as a family did was to remain calm, happy and healthy, which is one of the most difficult things to do, since, it is in times like these that the outbreak can wreak havoc and create panic in our minds.

With the number of new cases in China dwindling and rising outside its borders, with Europe being the new epicenter of the virus, responsible people like Tanvi and her family are starting to breathe better! It was quite a feat for these young parents. Hats off to this brilliant couple for pulling through one of the toughest and scariest situations of their life. Their story serves as a reminder to all of us to stay calm and observe the best hygiene practices to keep ourselves and our families safe.

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