Domino’s Pizza Fined ₹25,622 After A Customer Found Metal Nut That Broke His Teeth

by Mrunal Mahajan
Domino’s Pizza Fined ₹25,622 After A Customer Found Metal Nut That Broke His Teeth

A customer named R Shankar from Tamil Nadu found a metal nut in the Domino’s Pizza which broke his teeth. He had ordered pizza from the outlet in T Nagar of Tamil Nadu. While biting pizza, his teeth broke into pieces and he stopped eating at once and found a metal nail in his pizza. Shankar had to seek proper dental treatment after that incident in 2014.

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Furious Shankar tried contacting M/s Jubilant Food Works Ltd, Noida who is the operator of Dominos Pizza food chain in India. But there was no response from their side so he went ahead and contacted the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum and filed a legal notice against Domino’s Pizza seeking ₹5 lakh as compensation.

Shankar also filed a report in the Police Station in Tamil Nadu the very next day. This was by far the worst incident that has happened and the absolutely ridiculous part was that the General Manager of M/s. Jubilant Food Works Ltd. denied all the claims and said Shankar was making false allegations on the company. They believe that Shankar wanted to defame the international brand and wanted to gain money out of this. Can you imagine, they made a horrible mistake and now pleading as not guilty?

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The bench that was judging this case believed in Shankar’s claim, his teeth were actually broken because of which he had to take treatment from a dentist which cost him a lot of money. The bench ruled in favour of Shankar and asked M/s. Jubilant Food Works Ltd. and Domino’s Pizza to refund ₹ 622 of the pizza he ordered and ₹25,000 to be paid as compensation to Shankar.

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There have been many incidents with Domino’s Pizza, for example, the very recent incident of not passing GST benefit for customers. Domino’s Pizza cheese had failed lab test in the year 2018 and there has been an increase in their pizza prices. The most popular food brands in India are failing to provide quality food. This is outrageous!