Dough-Not Fear, Batman Is Here! Ben Affleck Serves Iced Coffee & Doughnuts To Dunkin Customers

by Sanjana Shenoy
Dough-Not Fear, Batman Is Here! Ben Affleck Serves Iced Coffee & Doughnuts To Dunkin Customers

How would you feel if you went to a coffee shop only to see your favourite celeb, greeting you with a smile and serving you hot coffee? Crazy, right? Well, a female customer got the shock of her life when Batman star Ben Affleck served her iced coffee and doughnuts at the counter. Read on to know more.

Ben Affleck Serves Iced Coffee To Customers At Dunkin’ Donuts

Lisa Mackay, a loyal customer of Dunkin’ Donuts visited the fast-food chain and got the shock of her life ( pleasant shock, though). Hollywood star Ben Affleck sat at the counter wearing a Dunkin’ Donuts t-shirt and a black cap. He served her iced black coffee with a wide smile. Lisa Mackay thanked the star and his wife, singer-actress, Jennifer Lopez for her coffee this morning.


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The happy customer even stated to The Washington Post that Ben Affleck was extremely funny, friendly and super nice. And yes, he still has a Boston accent. Netizens immediately took to social media and filled the woman’s Instagram post with comments. The post shows a picture of Ben Affleck holding a cup of iced coffee. One person hilariously commented that Ben Affleck seemed to be properly trained as a Dunkin employee with his cup, straw and napkin neatly held together.

Jennifer Lopez & Hubby Were Shooting An Ad For Dunkin’

Another Netizen ( who seemed to scream from the mobile screen), asked why they didn’t announce this. The person later quipped that they’d definitely have been there. Interestingly, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru as he was shooting a commercial for the fast food chain there. People spotted him at the Dunkin outlet at Medford in Massachusetts. It’s actually nestled nearby his hometown in Boston.

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Yet another video posted by Bennifer Updates on Twitter, shows the cute Hollywood couple together in the drive-in, embracing each other. Jennifer Lopez smilingly drinks her iced coffee while hugging Ben Affleck. Awwww! Well folks, here’s some wishful thinking for you. Which start would you like to meet at your neighbourhood coffee shop? Let us know in the comments below.

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