The Dragon Temple In Samphran, Thailand

by Angel Srivastava 2282

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The Wat Samphran temple in Bangkok is a 17 storey, pink tower with an enormous dragon wrapped around it.

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What’s it?

Located 40 km west from Bangkok the temple is located in the district of Samphran. This uniquely constructed Wat or Buddhist temple has a giant golden Buddha statue and several other shrines and smaller statues.

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The one thing in the temple that will immediately claim your attention is the enormous dragon wrapped around it. The dragon is hollow and tourists can climb through its body.

What’s in it?

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The interiors of the temple are in a bit of disarray but full of stunning statues and shrines. However, many of the areas in the temple remain closed to the public.

Address: Thailand, Khlong Mai, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand