Drink Unlimited Booze & Party All Night At Outpost Resort In Alibaug

by Kritika Kukreja
Drink Unlimited Booze & Party All Night At Outpost Resort In Alibaug

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The Outpost resort near Alibaug is the perfect weekend getaway for you and your friends.

The perfect weekend getaway

What Is It?

A grand resort lying away from the bustle of Alibaug is Outpost. Away from all the commercialization, this resort will transport you into the lush green sights of nature along with some luxury amenities. Outpost is a property with The Future Group, so we’re sure that the industrial giant is bound to keep it posh and ultra fancy. But as it turns out, the price range is cheaper than a local bar in Mumbai city.

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Relax away from the bustling city life at Outpost

With the facilities it offers and the price for a one night stay, this resort just comes up to be one of the best places to visit around Mumbai city for the long weekend.

What’s In It? 

While making your bookings, check out the facilities it provides to the guests.

You can book a night’s stay at only ₹4,500, with lots of amenities included. Guests have an access to the resort’s jacuzzi, basketball court, squash court, swimming pool and tree house. 

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The treehouse

You can even get your drinks up at the tree house and kick back with your friends to have a lovely evening in the (semi) wilderness.

What’s Unique?

The prices for booze at the Outpost are simply unbelievable. You can enjoy a 30 ml peg of Old Monk at only ₹30, or a peg of Teacher’s at ₹130 and the beers they serve start at only ₹180. 

How To Get There? 

Outpost is located in Kihim, which happens to be nearly 3 km from the beach. You can get there by ferry and get down at Mandwa Jetty ferry point. From Mandwa Jetty, it is around 12 km. If you’re choosing the road to travel, the resort is located around 20 km from Alibaug.


Address: Chorande, Mapgaon, Alibaug, Raigad, Maharashtra 402201
Phone: 02141 232 885
Approx cost: ₹ 4,500 a night for two people

Exciting outlet for your long weekend

This resort is just the best to chill by the swimming pool and have a nice drink. Moreover, it is located away from the busy city area so you’re going to find the much needed peace and tranquility when you go there.


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