Corona-Combat Drones To Now Monitor Delhiites From Their Balconies

by Suchismita Pal
Corona-Combat Drones To Now Monitor Delhiites From Their Balconies

Delhiites, if you step out to the balcony for some fresh air now, you might spot a spectacular drone floating in the sky of the Capital. It might be a corona-combat drone that has been recently deployed by the Delhi civic body to monitor body temperatures of the people standing on the balconies. Read on to know more.

What Is It?

North Delhi Municipal Corporation ( NDMC) has launched a thermal screening drone in the city that will flow above the buildings and check the body temperatures of the people underneath with an infrared thermometer. This specially designed drone has a thermal camera, a spotlight, a night vision camera, a disinfectant tank, a loudspeaker and even a medical box. Individuals identified with temperatures above normal will have to go for further tests. This multi-purpose drone has an overall capacity of 10 litres. It has already covered 19 remote locations in the last 6 days.

Picture Credits: Financial Express

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What Else?

After the coronavirus outbreak, drones were also employed to spray disinfectants in the Majnu-ka-Tilla and RK Puram regions. In densely populated areas like Daryaganj and Jama Masjid, the cops are using drones to prevent crowd build-up. Also, drones have been used in Noida to sanitize tunnels to ensure the safety of the people providing essential services. Other places too like Indore, Telengana, Bangaluru and Lucknow have been using drones to contain the virus spread.

Picture Credits: Economic Times

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At the hour of calamity, the authorities are trying to use modern technology to its fullest to bring the situation under control. Let us all thank them by acting responsibly and doing our bit in keeping the virus at bay.