In Pictures: Drones Are Sanitizing The Streets Of Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
In Pictures: Drones Are Sanitizing The Streets Of Dubai

Dubai does it again! Last week, Dubai used drones to send across the most critical message in the current situation- ‘#StayHome’. This week, the drones are being used to sanitize the city. This also brings with it less manpower and the invention of a brilliant technology to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Dubai Municipality is currently running a massive sterilization program and nooks and corner of the city are sanitized. The program runs until 5 April and we must say, these heroes are doing a great job. The sterilization kicks off with a warning siren at 8:00 pm every night and lasts until 6:00 am, the next morning. Take a look at the pictures

We just can’t be more thankful to those people who tirelessly clean up the city, just so we stay safe.

What Else?

In line with the precautions to curb coronavirus, the Dubai RTA has now released a new set of rules. The new rules ensure there is no overcrowding inside the metro. Here’s an overview of the new rules for Dubai Metro, taxis, trams and buses:

  • All passengers must wear a face mask while traveling by all public transport including taxis
  • Residents having a fever or flu symptoms are advised not to use public transport
  • Taxis and limousines are now restricted to only carry two passengers at a time, to ensure social distancing
  • Passengers must sit ONLY in alternate seats in metros, trams and buses. Besides, riders are strictly advised against sitting on seats marked with an ‘X’
  • Those standing in metros, trams or buses must maintain safe distance by staying on the demarcated floor stickers