Drunk Man Pees On Woman On New York Bound Delhi Air India Flight. Horrendous!

by Shreya Ghosh
Drunk Man Pees On Woman On New York Bound Delhi Air India Flight. Horrendous!

A very strange incident happened on an Air India flight in November 2022 which is coming to light now. This incident took place on 26 November 2022 when a drunk male passenger exposed himself and peed on another female passenger on the flight. This passenger did this inhumane behaviour in the first class of the Air India flight AI-102 flying from New York to Delhi. What happened after this? Let’s take a look at the incident here.

The Inebriated Male Passenger Urinated On A Woman On An Air India Flight

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Picture Credit: Air India Instagram

The drunk man dared to commit this unspeakable act while the lights were switched off after lunch. After this shocking incident, the woman passenger informed the cabin crew immediately. Unfortunately, the drunk man did not have to face any consequences for his behaviour on that day. He simply went ahead with his journey after the flight reached its destination, Delhi.

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According to a report by The Times Of India, the woman passenger later sent a letter to the Chairman of Tata Group, N Chandrasekaran stating the incident. After receiving the letter, Air India started looking into the matter and began investigating it.

The Cabin Crew Did Not Take Charge Of The Situation Well!

The woman’s clothes, shoes, and belongings were soaking in urine. She was provided with pyjamas and disposable slippers to change into after the incident. She could not return to her seat and waited for around 20 minutes near the toilet. Lastly, she was provided with a crew seat till she returned to her seat.

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After about 2 hours, she was provided with another crew seat for the rest of her journey on the flight. She also stated that she came to know from a passenger that there were vacant seats in the first class itself but she had to travel in a crew seat. In fact, the crew told her that they will provide her with a wheelchair to get done with customs at the earliest. Unfortunately, she had to do all the things by herself and waited for about half an hour in the waiting area with the wheelchair. She had to wear the Air India pyjamas and slippers during the whole situation.

We can only imagine how hard it was for her to be on the same flight throughout the time. We hope she gets justice and the perpetrator is severely punished.

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