Bengaluru Family Livid With Air India For Refusing To Allow Pet ‘Fluffy’ On Flight

by Shreya Ghosh
Bengaluru Family Livid With Air India For Refusing To Allow Pet ‘Fluffy’ On Flight

We often see many passengers flying on planes with their little pets and we sometimes wonder about the protocols to be followed while travelling with pets. I’m sure most paw parents have this question. But unfortunately, even after following all the necessities, a Bengaluru couple was denied flying on an Air India flight with their little one. The family was supposed to fly to Delhi from Bengaluru but they couldn’t be a part of the journey as Air India did not allow their pet ‘Fluffy’ onboard. It is creating havoc on Twitter. Read to know the story.

This Bengaluru Couple Is Furious With Air India For Not Allowing Their Pet Onboard

Sachin Shenoy is the paw parent and he took to his Twitter account to narrate the whole story. The family had a plan for a 12-day trip to fly to Delhi and then Amritsar with Air India. They followed all the rules and procedures laid down by the airline so that they could fly with Fluffy. Not only the dog was under 5 kg, but Fluffy was also adored by other passengers in the airport. They waited for over 4 hours in the airport to catch the flight but soon everything took a turn for the worse.

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The Couple And Their Poodle Followed All The Protocols

The pilot of the plane, Captain Chopra did not allow the family to fly with their pet even though Fluffy had a boarding pass. Sachin Shenoy also shared that it looked like the plane was overbooked when they were asked to leave their pet and go. He shared the entire incident on Twitter leaving Netizens in shock. Not only he missed the journey, but he had to face a huge loss because of all the bookings and flight tickets.

Air India replied that the Commander was not satisfied with the cage of the pet to allow it in the cabin. This further infuriated the couple. Sachin also stated that if the cage and muzzle were the problems, the team would not have provided a boarding pass to their pet.

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Lastly, Air India offered a  revalidation to the Bengaluru family as a ‘goodwill gesture’ and they requested the family to fly in Air India with Fluffy.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Sachin Shenoy @SachinShenoy7