Dubai Aims To Convert Taxis To Net-Zero Emissions By 2027

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Aims To Convert Taxis To Net-Zero Emissions By 2027

Dubai is aiming hard to become a sustainable city in all aspects of life. Emiratis have been taking the introduced initiatives regarding sustainability and the use of environmentally friendly materials on a serious note. Recently, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) announced its goal of converting taxis into sustainable vehicles with net-zero emissions.

Dubai Taxis To Become Eco-friendly By 2027

By 2027, all cabs in Dubai (including those operated by Dubai Taxi and franchise companies) will be 100% eco-sustainable that includes hybrid, electric, and hydrogen-powered.

The action complies with the demands of Dubai’s Supreme Council of Energy’s Green Economy initiative. Additionally, this covers the strategic trajectories taken by the Dubai Government with the goal of total environmental sustainability.

The initial goal of Dubai to make 50% of its taxi fleet ecologically sustainable has resulted in a spectacular carbon emission reduction of up to 420,000 tonnes yearly, or 70,000 tonnes annually. This has inspired regional automakers to release a variety of hybrid vehicles specifically designed for the Gulf region.

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Directives Announced By HH Sheikh Mohammed The Ruler Of Dubai

In order to maximise energy usage and advance environmental sustainability in the UAE, His Majesty has directed that taxis be converted into ecologically friendly cars. RTA has acted forcefully to establish a secure, hygienic, and ecological environment that is worthy of Dubai. The Dubai government’s efforts to develop green automobiles and encourage a cleaner society are supported by this programme.

RTA has achieved tremendous success in this area, effectively converting 8,221 hybrid vehicles, or 72% of Dubai’s taxi fleet, into greener automobiles. This noteworthy achievement supports the underlying objectives of reducing energy use, building a sustainable future, and elevating Dubai as a pioneer in the green movement.

The infrastructure in Dubai is essential for encouraging the usage of green vehicles and raising demand for them. Given the extensive use of hydrogen refilling stations as an eco-friendly alternative, the rapid technological advancements and the drop in electric vehicle recharging duration from 8 hours to less than 1.5 hours suggest that charging times will sign a decrease in the future.

Will Dubai achieve this goal?

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