Dubai Air Show: Saudi’s Riyadh Air Unveils Dual-Livery With Arabic Calligraphy. Take A Look!

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Air Show: Saudi’s Riyadh Air Unveils Dual-Livery With Arabic Calligraphy. Take A Look!

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the aviation landscape, Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia’s revolutionary airline, is poised to take flight in 2025. Fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), the airline recently unveiled the second part of its permanent dual-livery designs at the prestigious Dubai Airshow 2023, marking a significant milestone in the aviation landscape.

Riyadh Air: Transforming The Skies In 2025 With Permanent Dual-Livery Elegance

The latest livery from Riyadh Air continues its indigo theme, drawing inspiration from the captivating lines of traditional Bedouin tents and the graceful curves of Arabic calligraphy. In crafting this aesthetic masterpiece, the design showcases a broad, sweeping cockpit window, where the vivid indigo signature creates a captivating contrast against the ethereal, iridescent fuselage. The careful selection of colors transcends mere aesthetics; it serves as a visual embodiment of purity and echoes Saudi Arabia’s absolute vision towards a future defined by progress and innovation.

Shaping the Future of Air Travel

With a mission to shape the future of air travel, Riyadh Air initially unveiled its first livery at the Paris Airshow earlier this year. The airline had already received its IATA Airline Designator Code (RX). The airline is set to embrace sustainability practices while setting new standards for reliability, comfort, and hospitality to the travellers.

Driving Economic Growth and Job Creation

As a catalyst for the National Transport and Logistics Strategy, Riyadh Air plays a pivotal role in contributing to Saudi Arabia’s broader economic diversification and job creation efforts, aligning with the goals of Vision 2030. The airline envisions flying to more than 100 destinations, contributing significantly to KSA non-oil GDP growth, and directly and indirectly creating over 200,000 new jobs globally and locally.

As the largest start-up in commercial aviation in decades, Riyadh Air is all set to become one of the first international carriers with permanent dual-liveries on an active fleet. Since it started in March, the airline has made great progress. This shows that the airline is really committed to being eco-friendly and wants to change how people travel on planes in the future.

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Showcasing Ambitions at Dubai Airshow

Alongside the unveiling of the latest livery design, Riyadh Air is hosting guests, partners, stakeholders, and VIPs at its 350sqm pavilion at the Dubai Airshow. This digital-first experience not only showcases Riyadh Air’s ambitions and future plans but also ushers in a new era for the travel and aviation industry. Riyadh Air aims to unlock Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful cultural and natural attractions, positioning the country as a world-class logistics and travel hub.

The Dubai Air Show, a premier event in the aviation industry, showcases the latest advancements, innovations, and cutting-edge technologies in aerospace. It serves as a platform for aerospace companies to unveil their latest aircraft, discuss strategic partnerships, and explore business opportunities. The event highlights the rapid evolution of aviation, featuring air displays, product launches, and more. With a global presence and an impressive lineup of exhibitors, the Dubai Air Show continues to be a key driver of progress and collaboration in the aviation industry.

Cover Image Courtesy: Riyadh Air

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