Dubai Based Businessman Provides FREE Meals To Labour Camps

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Based Businessman Provides FREE Meals To Labour Camps

The Covid-19 chaos has led to many people losing jobs, and suffering for food. However, the UAE is doing its best to ensure no one sleeps hungry. A new ‘Box Of Hope’ has been launched by Harmeek Singh- CEO of Plan B Group. The main initiative of this objective is to support people in the fight against Covid-19.

Box of Hope joined hands with UAE’s International Humanitarian and Charity Organisation and the UAE Food Bank to deliver free food to blue collared workers. The Punjabi Dhaba restaurant chain was roped in, to feed people across twice a day. The initiative has provided food parcels for over 1400 workers in Ajman.

“We are doing our duty, which is by maintaining hygiene standards, giving special prices to customers and giving free meals to the needy”, said the owner of Punjabi Dhaba, Armanjeet Singh.

Helping The Needy

The main objective of Box of Hope is to spread hope, and at this juncture we need to be able to address the most basic of needs such as food. Apart from food, the new initiative also supplies essentials to the needy. The box contains weekly food supplies, surgical masks, protective gloves, and hand sanitizer. As of now, over 250 boxes have been distributed across 100 homes.

Furthermore, apart from feeding the needy, the initiative also takes care of the mental health of people. Box of Hope organisms online counselling sessions with a well-known life coach, Dr Ramon Llamba.

What Else?

Bhaijaans Biryani a Pakistani restaurant announced that it will give away free food for takeaway. Restaurants across UAE are facing a tough time, especially after the official closure. Dine in closed currently and the free meals are available for pick-up only.

The restaurant carried an official announcement on Facebook. The announcement read:

“Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), most people retreated into their homes to decrease their chances of infection. Essential health care workers, however, have done the opposite, remaining in the line of fire as they attempt to heal the sick and control the spread of the disease.

Bhaijaan’s Biryani Restaurant will be offering free meals to all health officials in UAE. REAL HEROES OF UAE. Come and Pick your meal as Dine is closed as of now. Self Pick up only.

Let’s all Pray for people who are infected with COVID-19 or facing quarantine.”

The restaurant is famous for their biryani and it’s amazing to see such a small business doing its bit to help the situation.