Dubai-Based Woman Brings 10-KG Tomatoes As A Gift For Mother. Are Tomatoes Cheaper There?

by Tooba Shaikh
Dubai-Based Woman Brings 10-KG Tomatoes As A Gift For Mother. Are Tomatoes Cheaper There?

The sudden surge in the prices of tomatoes has taken the entire country by surprise. Tomatoes are an absolute staple in Indian cuisines and it is hard to imagine any of our meals without them featuring at least some of this now-expensive “fruit”. However, Indians are known for their Jugaadu mindsets. Owing to the rising tomato prices, people are coming up with creative ways to get their hands on this exotic commodity. This woman got a lot of tomatoes as a gift for her mother!

Woman Brings 10-KG Tomatoes As Gift For Mother

This particular incident has tickled many people’s funny bones. In a tweet, Twitter user Revs narrated the story of how her sister, who happens to live in Dubai, wanted to get her mother something. When she asked her mother what she wanted, her response was to ask her to bring 10 kilogrammes of tomatoes.

Because why not, right? Tomatoes are a luxury in India right now you might as well stock up on it while you can at every opportunity you get. The daughter obligingly packed a giant suitcase with tomatoes and sent it to her mother.

The tweet obviously went viral on Twitter and many people responded to her on the micro-blogging website. They questioned how could one possibly utilise such a huge amount of tomatoes to which she simply replied that they plan on making pickles and chutneys.

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Rising Tomato Prices In India; Are They Cheaper In Dubai?

Among the host of replies to the Tweet, there was one which compared the prices of tomatoes in Dubai with those of India. The person said that a kilogram of tomatoes in Dubai cost somewhere around 5.8 to 6 AED, which means that it costs somewhere around ₹130 there.

Without taking into account the travel costs and the extra fee one would have to pay for luggage, it still didn’t seem like a good bargain. Do you agree?

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Would you do the same if you had the opportunity to bring tomatoes? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @Full_Meals/Twitter and Canva Images