Dubai Bling Star Safa Siddiqui: It Was Really Hard To Get A Job In Dubai | Curly Tales

by Anupriya Mishra
Dubai Bling Star Safa Siddiqui: It Was Really Hard To Get A Job In Dubai | Curly Tales

Anyone who has seen Dubai Bling will know that the fashionista of the series is undoubtedly Safa Siddiqui. She has a knack for dressing up in such a way that it is bound to give you some serious outfit inspiration. And if you too loved her bubbly personality on the popular Netflix series, then you must watch her interview with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. On an episode of Curly Tales Sunday Brunch Middle East, she talked about a host of subjects and also shared some juicy gossip about her personal life!

Safa Siddiqui: It Was Really Hard To Get A Job In Dubai

Safa Siddiqui said that she was allowed to move to Dubai on the condition that she finds a job. So talking about finding a job, this is what Safa had to say, “It was really hard to get a job because I was quite fussy about who I would work for. Yeah, I wanted to work for something that I would enjoy and also… was challenging. But I was really happy. I worked in real estate, we developed an island in Abu Dhabi!”

Elaborating more on this and the daily grind that she went through during her real estate days, she says, “So it was very beautiful, super luxurious, and it was such a fun job. But I would travel nearly every day from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. So, if people say I’m not hard-working, I am like… do that drive every day and see how hard-working I am.”

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She Has Always Loved Fashion

Safa Siddiqui
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Safa Siddiqui also talked about a variety of other subjects, besides her professional life. She shared how Dubai Bling happened for her and her husband, Fahad. And how she is a fan of Indian cuisine. She also confessed that she is planning on learning to cook soon! As it is a well-known fact that Safa Siddiqui shares an immense love for fashion, she also confessed that she has always loved to look as best as she could be. Sounds exactly like the way she was on the show, doesn’t she?

Well, if you also loved watching her vibrant personality on the show, then you will definitely not want to miss out on this exclusive interview on the YouTube channel of Curly Tales ME. So, keep your bucket of popcorn ready and watch the entire episode!

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