Dubai Businessmen Launch Budget-Friendly Airline, Air Kerala For Indian Expats & Beyond

Air Kerala: A dream takes flight for Indian expats.

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Businessmen Launch Budget-Friendly Airline, Air Kerala For Indian Expats & Beyond

Indian expatriates may soon find themselves jetting home at bargain rates thanks to the upcoming launch of Air Kerala, a new low-cost airline led by two savvy Dubai-based entrepreneurs.

Setting The Stage For Affordable Air Adventures In India

In a recent announcement, Air Kerala secured its initial no-objection certificate (NOC) from India’s civil aviation ministry, marking a big green light towards making its dream a reality. This exciting milestone was unveiled at a lively press conference in Dubai, where plans took flight. The NOC gives Zettfly Aviation, trading as Air Kerala, the go-ahead to run scheduled commuter air services for the next three years. This move promises to shake up travel options, especially for the sunny state of Kerala down south.

From Vision To Reality: The Journey Of Two Dubai Businessman


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Founded by Afi Ahmed and Ayub Kallada, Air Kerala emerges as the first regional airline dedicated to Kerala’s charm. Afi Ahmed, a travel maverick known for snapping up the domain last year, breathed new life into the long-awaited Air Kerala project first floated by the Kerala government way back in 2005.

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Charting The Course Forward With Safety

With the NOC safely in hand, Air Kerala now gears up for the legwork needed before its first flights take off.

The airline’s first mission? Bagging planes, of course! Afi Ahmed and Ayub Kallada are already on the case, with Kanika Goyal adding her know-how to the Zettfly Aviation squad. These high-flying folks know their way around the aviation world, promising solid management and top-notch operations.

Air Kerala plans to start small with regional routes, paving the way for grander international flights, including direct hops to dazzling Dubai and beyond. Based out of vibrant Kochi, the airline aims to boost tourism and trade in Kerala, offering around 350 new jobs to the local crowd.

As the countdown to takeoff begins, Air Kerala stands ready to turn travel dreams into boarding passes, making it easier and cheaper for Indian expats to soar between the UAE and Kerala’s shores.

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