Dubai Festival For Youth Music 2022 Is Calling Out Young UAE Artists

Dubai Youth Music Festival
by Deeplata Garde 125

Here’s a chance for all you budding musicians to showcase your passion publicly. Dubai Youth Music Festival is here to provide you with the correct platform to display your talent. The event is set to take place on November 24th 2022 at Mohammad Rashid Library Dubai. Performances of unique pieces written by Emirati and UAE residents will play a gigantic part at the event. The Dubai Youth Music Festival has opened its doors to young musicians.

Dubai Youth Music Festival Will Celebrate Noteworthy & Evolving Musical Art

Dubai Culture is hosting the event, and performers between the ages of 15 and 35 are encouraged to sign up. The online registrations have already started and will continue until November 19th.

The festival’s planning, which will take place each year in November, is in line with Dubai Culture’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment for the cultural and creative industries. They strive every year to provide a prospering environment that supports Dubai’s economic development and solidifies its position as a significant centre for culture and the arts.

The event will also be hosting an award ceremony. Artists who fall under the people of determination category will receive honours. Apart from this, the best Arabic playing, the best classical playing, the best-integrated orchestra, and the best singing categories will receive awards.

The celebration will honour a legendary musician( name yet to reveal) for their groundbreaking career.

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How To Register For The Event?

Here’s a list of important requirements that would be essential to register for this festival.

1. Personal information
2. CV
3. A biography of their professional background
4. A synopsis of their composition
5. Proposed musical compositions( five and ten minutes long)
6. The proposed performance musical composition should be well-known from MENA
7. Participant needs to be Emirati Local or Citizen
8. No multiple entries are allowed for any individual or band
9. Music samples sent without clarity might face disqualification
10. The age gap to perform must be between 15yr to 35yrs only

So if you wish to register yourself for the competition their online registration is open till November 19th 2022.

News Source: National News
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