Dubai Gets World’s First Metaverse Customer Service Centre; Details Here

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Dubai Gets World’s First Metaverse Customer Service Centre; Details Here

The Metaverse is a relatively new concept that has swept the globe, and the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) plans to bring it to your fingertips. MOHAP announced the world’s first Metaverse customer happiness service centre at the Arab Health and Medlab Middle East Exhibition and Congress 2022. This cutting-edge virtual service will swiftly and efficiently answer client needs in three dimensions while also providing a digital and interactive sensory experience.

All related queries, services, and tasks will be fulfilled by the new offering.

Customers will be able to get answers to their concerns, receive services, and complete tasks without having to visit a physical customer care centre. Virtual reality technology, according to Minister of Health and Prevention Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, will play a vital role in the UAE’s destiny over the next fifty years. Especially in light of the advancement of modern digital infrastructure, which the Khaleej Times has termed “one of the best in the world.” The UAE has been a pioneer in pushing innovation in all important industries. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, health was one of the leading and active authorities, with the Ministry of Health being one of the leading and active authorities. Among the subjects explored are artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual and augmented reality.

Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

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Visitors Will Be Able To Teleport Into The MetaHealth World Quickly

Metaverse technology meets customers’ needs in three-dimensional digital spaces. A sensory experience that is both digital and interactive. Through the virtual environment created by this cutting-edge technology, the Ministry intends to expand the range of services it provides. In order to continue its trailblazing efforts in improving the quality of life in the neighbourhood. Visitors to Arab Health 2022 will be able to rapidly teleport into the world of MetaHealth and speak with an actual person from the customer happiness centre, which will be a must-try experience.

Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

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Customers Can Enter The MetaHealth Space & Travel Using New Technology

Customers can also use the new technology to enter the MetaHealth realm and move from their current location to the Ministry’s Virtual Customer Happiness Centre without having to travel between the two regions physically. Customers can then use the virtual room to seek information, submit documents, pay fees, and so on, with real people’s faces instead of avatars. The new service also provides a convenient option for people who are unable or unable to physically travel from their homes to one of the Ministry’s customer happiness centres to complete transactions.

Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

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The Program Is Part Of The Government’s Digitalization Strategy

The UAE will be a pioneer and one of the top destinations for this cutting-edge technology, according to Ali Al-Ajmi, director of the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s Digital Health Department, who told Khaleej Times that the UAE will be a pioneer and one of the top destinations for this cutting-edge technology that will eventually ease people’s lives. Customers can access our three-dimensional digital environments by logging onto the Mohap website and selecting ‘Metaverse.’ They can go to their customer pleasure centre. The customer satisfaction expert will be present virtually to assist the customer. This project is part of the government’s digitalization plan. As a result, there will be fewer visits to a physical happiness centre.