Dubai Has Its Own Chocolate Paradise And You Need To Try It Right Now!

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Has Its Own Chocolate Paradise And You Need To Try It Right Now!

Heard about chocolatey heaven? Will take you through one if you are in Dubai. This place in City Walk in Dubai deserves no other name than Chocolate paradise. Chocoholics Assemble! The hunt for the most chocolaty experience ends here. SAID DAL 1923 is your destination. So grab your cutlery and get ready to enter the place filled with a creamy, delicious experience.

It’s All About Love For Endless Chocolate

An endless supply of Chocolate! The most talked-about chocolate shop in London, SAID Chocolate, is now on City Walk. With the triple Chocolate offered desserts and hot Chocolate, a vintage chocolate machine, and a natural European flare, the new Dubai location in City Walk has effectively recreated the same magic.

Get ready to mesmerize yourself with the heavenly pleasure of everything creamy or chocolaty. Said offers an immersive experience to tingle your senses. The cafe is open from Saturday – Wednesday 9:00 AM – 1:00 AM and Thursday – Friday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

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A Vast Range Of Food

Along with their famed focaccia, which customers may have with SAIDs characteristic melted Chocolate and flakes of salt, the in-house Italian chefs have devised a robust breakfast menu, classic pizza, and spaghetti. You must try the shakshuka, one of my all-time favourite meals.

Wanting more than coffee and snacks? No problemo! You can also have breakfast and lunch here. Try their Turkish egg and lose yourself in the creamy textures. Are you a cheese lover as well? Nothing better than trying their Burrata Benedict. It is precisely what you are thinking about. It’s a twist to the regular egg benedict and a better and cheesy version, we promise. Breakfast is filled with savoury and sweet dishes. French toast and pancakes are the supreme things to go for.

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