Dubai Has Launched A Sea Ambulance That Can Run At 50 Miles Per Hour & Transport 10 Injured People

Dubai Ambulance introduces state-of-the-art sea ambulance.

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Has Launched A Sea Ambulance That Can Run At 50 Miles Per Hour & Transport 10 Injured People

In a bid to revolutionize emergency medical services, the Dubai Ambulance has unveiled its latest addition—a cutting-edge sea ambulance boat designed to respond swiftly to marine emergencies. With a remarkable speed of 50 miles per hour, this high-speed vessel is equipped to accommodate up to 10 injured individuals, ensuring rapid and efficient medical assistance during maritime crises.

Dubai Launches Sea Ambulance

Aligned with its commitment to advancing ambulance services, the Dubai Ambulance has ingeniously transformed this sea ambulance into a fully integrated medical unit, harnessing the power of solar energy. This strategic move not only enhances operational efficiency but also resonates with the Dubai government’s vision of embracing sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives. Spearheading this initiative is Julfar, who underscores the boat’s impressive specifications, boasting a length of 47 feet and a width of 13 feet.

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

Central to the sea ambulance’s functionality is its array of state-of-the-art medical equipment, meticulously curated to meet international standards. Among its notable features are an automatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine, an electroshock machine, an electrocardiogram machine, and a fluid suction apparatus. Additionally, the vessel is equipped with two hydraulic transporters, adept at mitigating high-wave shocks to ensure optimal patient comfort. Moreover, a sophisticated medical report system facilitates seamless documentation of patient data, further enhancing the efficiency of onboard medical procedures.

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Embracing Clean Energy Initiatives

A pivotal aspect of the sea ambulance’s design is its gradual transition towards clean energy utilization. By replacing conventional fuel-powered generators with solar panels, the vessel exemplifies the Dubai Ambulance’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. These solar panels power essential emergency equipment and devices housed within the boat’s cabin, encompassing medical apparatus, marine instrumentation, as well as climate control systems and illumination.

The Dubai Ambulance’s Newest Endeavour

In conclusion, the launch of the Dubai Ambulance’s state-of-the-art sea ambulance marks a significant milestone in the realm of emergency medical services. With its unparalleled speed, cutting-edge medical equipment, and eco-friendly design, this innovative vessel epitomizes the agency’s dedication to ensuring swift and effective healthcare interventions, even in the most challenging maritime scenarios.

Cover Image Courtesy: DXB Media Office/ Instagram

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