Dubai Hills Is Now Home To The 5th Branch Of This Vibrant Instagrammable Cafe, Saya Brasserie

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Hills Is Now Home To The 5th Branch Of This Vibrant Instagrammable Cafe, Saya Brasserie

It’s difficult to find a reflection of Parisian bistros in the UAE. But if you are craving the best French cuisine and an aesthetically pleasing spot to dine, we have a pink paradise to suggest. The homegrown brand, Saya Brasserie is opening its doors in Dubai Hills Mall. Saya Brasserie will be launching its 5th branch at this new location in Dubai.

Saya Brasserie Is Opening Its 5th Branch In Dubai Hills Mall

Instagrammer’s haven etched with floral prints and neon lights, Saya Brasserie is a paradise for pink lovers. The candyfloss walls will make you live your chic aesthetic dream sipping hot cocoa or a glass of bubbly. The new branch will have all of these just similar to the other existing branches in the Emirates. The tropical hint added with green and dried leaves arranged in a fashion accentuates the entire view.

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Did You Think The Pink Stops At The Interiors?

Well, then the joke is on you! The menu has been curated with accents of pink that would be reflected on the plate or the glass. Scroll through the menu and get yourself confused with such pretty names to order only a few of them. But if you want to cut to the chase and order something pink to capture on insta then we have a few dishes to suggest.

Rose gold lemonade, Avo on toast, Moroccan salad and more such dishes are present on the menu that will satisfy that pink lover. Don’t leave before trying their desserts. Desserts like rose croissants and Saya’s Pink Balloon continue the pink motif. You can also opt for berries and quinoa parfait and triple chocolate pancake to treat your tastebuds. We assure you that you would be left asking and craving for more. Not just the taste but the look on the plate would compel you to capture a picture(or maybe a few more).

So if all that shopping has made you tired, Saya Brasserie is your go-to place to grab a gracious meal which pleases your eyes before it fulfils your stomach and soul. So when are you visiting this brasserie?

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/ Saya Brasserie