Dubai International Airport Now Houses World’s Largest Sleep ‘N Fly Lounge

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai International Airport Now Houses World’s Largest Sleep ‘N Fly Lounge

Resting your body while travelling long or short distances is a challenge. But many companies are striving hard to make your travel a leisure trip. Similarly, the invention of sleep pods is one such initiative. You can observe it in airports and now stations as well. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is now announced as the world’s most significant sleep ‘n fly lounge.

Stretch Your Back Until You Board Your Flight At Dubai International Airport

Forget the uncomfortable passenger chairs that you struggle on while waiting for the boarding alert announcement. Sleep’ N Fly Lounge will help you sleep in comfort instead. You can find this lounge on concourse B of the DXB airport. You can book this lounge for whatever time span you require. It can be from a one-hour nap to a night stay.

Need a nap? The super stylish ‘sleep ‘n fly’ lounge is now open in DXB Terminal 3, A-Gates! 🛏✈️

The brand-new lounge-hotel hybrid is open around-the-clock, and there is personnel on hand to transport you to your room and wake you up when it’s time to get up. The brand’s main lounge, the sleep’ n fly at DXB Terminal 3. It has a split-level layout spanning a 575 m2 area. It can accommodate 46 people and includes extra amenities to make your visit as smooth as possible.

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Are You In A Hurry But Still Want The Lounge Experience?

Don’t have an hour to spend but want to experience the lounge services? Not to worry, Sleep N Fly also provides other amenities that you can enjoy. Pick your favourite beverage from an extensive range at Starbucks for in-house consumption. You can have a Classic Lounge experience at cheaper rates. The service gets the title of Lounge Lite and provides you soak up the benefits of an airport lounge. It includes viewing airport vistas in peaceful surroundings, freshening up before boarding the flight and sipping your favourite drinks.

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