Dubai Is Now Home To World’s First Floating House, Equipped With A Glass Pool, Luxury Hotel & More

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 2556

After floating restaurants and villas, Dubai now has the world’s first floating house. The Instagrammable house was launched by ship and vessel manufacturing company Seagate Shipyard. ‘Neptune’ is now the world’s first environment-friendly floating house. The floating house was launched at Al Hamra Port in Ras Al Khaimah, but will later settle in Jumeirah, Dubai.

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The Two-Story House Boasts A Glass Pool, A Luxury Hotel & More

To begin with, the floating house sprawls across 900 sq. m and has not one, but two storeys. The villa is well equipped with four bedrooms with attached washrooms, glass swimming pool, kitchen, living room, balcony, two additional rooms for workers, and ample glass flooring.

The floating is attached with special hydraulic engines, which lets it float on the water. With Dubai being a major tourist and investment destination, the floating house will further improve the emirate’s position. Besides, the lavish bedrooms, the project will also feature a luxury hotel of 156 suites and rooms, as well as 12 residential floating boats.

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Adding more grandeur to the houses, the furniture of this property is designed by luxury car company Aston Martin. On this, Mohammed El Bhawravi, founder of Seagate Shipyard and project executor said,

“Since the establishment of Seagate Shipyard, we have had the idea of doing this project in Dubai, the land of possibilities. I believe this will create a boom in tourism,” says Mohammed El Bhawravi, founder of Seagate Shipyard and project executor.

The first unit of Neptune has already been sold to Dubai-based businessman Balvinder Sahani, for AED 20 million. The remaining units of the AED 870 million project will be launched in the near future. The project will be fully completed in first quarter of 2023.

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This is not the first floating property coming to Dubai. Previously, Dubai launched underwater villas and the pictures blew our minds away! Take a look.

Live Underwater in Dubai’s ‘Floating Seahorse’ Homes For USD 1.8 Million

The Floating Seahorse is an underwater bungalow because floating bungalows are so passe and because it’s Dubai. This ‘bungalow’ features an underwater master bedroom. It is made of glass, giving you a 360 degree view of the coral bed all around. A coral bed in Dubai, you ask? It’s going to be created from scratch where the waters will be a safe haven for sea turtles and sea-horses and will be the ideal breeding ground for aquatic life.

The floating sea-homes have three levels. The underwater level will be the master bedroom, the 1st level on the water will be the kitchen and dining area and the top level will be the sun deck. Don’t worry, you get unobstructed views everywhere thanks to the ceiling to floor glass windows. I hope these guys also provide glass-cleaners.

So now comes the real question. Would you like to live in the Floating Seahorse in Dubai? More importantly, will you take me along?

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