Dubai Mall Gets A New Tea Shop To Indulge In Its Aromatic Taste, Say Hello To PIMS Tea!

PIMS Tea has a new spot at the Dubai Mall for tea lovers to indulge in aromatic tea! Here are the details.

by Shreya Rathod
Dubai Mall Gets A New Tea Shop To Indulge In Its Aromatic Taste, Say Hello To PIMS Tea!

Renowned worldwide for its assortment of fine artisanal teas from the world’s most distinguished plantations, PIMS Tea is pleased to present its newest endeavour at the famed Dubai Mall. This creative growth is another important turning point in PIMS Tea’s history and confirms its steadfast dedication to becoming a worldwide force.

PIMS Tea Unveils Its New Location At Dubai Mall

PIMS Tea at Dubai Mall
Credits: Press Release

PIMS is a unique tea-based beverage that goes above and beyond. It promises to upend your perception and astound your taste receptors with its novel, potent, and explosive flavours. Made entirely of natural ingredients, PIMS ensures guilt-free enjoyment while giving you healthy energy without the use of artificial additives.

But the distinctive toppings that PIMS offers, to suit every palate, are what really make it stand out. It provides an unparalleled sensory experience. Further, it features a range of delectable alternatives and tropical fruits that are brimming with authentic and pure flavours. Take PIMS on an enticing sensory journey filled with flavour and vibrancy. This tea is more than simply a cup of tea.

Customers will find a meticulously renovated area at their new Dubai Mall location that skillfully combines the brand’s technological identity with the warm hues of Arabic culture. This magical atmosphere, created by creative designers, invites visitors to savour the art of tea appreciation.

Celebration Of A Milestone!

PIMS Tea Dubai Mall
Credits: Press Release

According to Artur Shusteriovas, Founder of PIMS Tea, the brand is celebrating a significant milestone today by introducing its newest location at the renowned Dubai Mall. Serving tea is only one aspect of the experience. The real goal is to create a world of elegance and refinement with each sip. They are excited to introduce Dubai’s colourful community to the love of tea and invite you to join them on a voyage of flavour, custom, and ageless enjoyment.

In addition, visitors can partake in a first-hand experience of traditional Chinese tea culture by brewing tea in accordance with age-old traditions. In addition, customers can buy unique boiling flasks and tiny cups to complete their tea-drinking experience. Tea can also be purchased by the weight to enjoy at home.

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So, indulge in a tea celebration at Dubai Mall with PIMS Tea!

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