Dubai Police Calls For Swift Removal Of Stalled Vehicles From Water-Logged Roads

Dubai Police's rainy day rescue operations.

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Police Calls For Swift Removal Of Stalled Vehicles From Water-Logged Roads

In the wake of torrential rainfall turning Dubai’s streets into makeshift waterways, Dubai Police have issued a clarion call to vehicle owners: salvage your stranded rides from the water-logged roads of Dubai!

Damp Dilemmas Of Dubai Roads

Last Tuesday, April 16, UAE’s skies burst, drenching the desert landscape in a deluge that left even the most seasoned Dubai dwellers reaching for their umbrellas. But while the rain was a novelty for many, it brought with it a slew of soggy setbacks.

The downpour triggered street flooding and waterlogged thoroughfares, causing cars to splutter to a standstill amid the aquatic chaos. With engines submerged and tyres barely visible beneath the water’s surface, motorists found themselves in a watery predicament, forced to abandon their vehicles in the hope of salvaging them once the tide of the tempest subsided.

A Call To Vehicle Owners By Dubai Police

In response to the aquatic mayhem, Dubai Police have sounded the alarm, urging owners of stranded vehicles to extricate their automobiles from the waterlogged roads swiftly. The message is clear: procrastination could lead to further complications, exacerbating the already dampened situation.

Dubai Police spokesperson, stressed the importance of prompt action, stating how every minute is valuable when it comes to rescuing the waterlogged vehicles from Dubai’s roads. Leaving vehicles submerged for prolonged periods can result in irreparable damage. Also, not to mention how it is contributing to traffic snarls as the waters recede.

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Taking The Plunge: Vehicle Retrieval Tips

For those grappling with the logistics of salvaging their waterlogged vehicles, here are a few pearls of wisdom:

  1. Safety First: Before diving into action, ensure the area is safe for retrieval operations. Beware of submerged hazards and swift currents that could pose a risk to both you and your vehicle.
  2. Call for Backup: Enlist the help of professionals if the task seems daunting. Towing services equipped with water-recovery capabilities can lend a hand in pulling your vehicle to dry land.
  3. Assess the Damage: Once the vehicle is on dry ground, assess the extent of the damage. It’s advisable to have a mechanic inspect the engine and electrical systems to prevent any post-soak surprises.
  4. Insurance Matters: Contact your insurance provider to initiate the claims process. Document the damage with photographs and keep receipts for any incurred expenses related to the recovery efforts.

As Dubai emerges from its aquatic adventure, the call to action from Dubai Police serves as a timely reminder: when life gives you rain, don’t let it rain on your parade. By heeding the advice to retrieve stranded vehicles from waterlogged roads swiftly, motorists can navigate their way back to dry land with minimal splashback. So, if you find yourself in a watery bind, remember: with a little initiative and a lot of elbow grease, you can turn the tide on Dubai’s aquatic traffic troubles.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai Police/ X
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