Qatar: A Fresh Batch Of FIFA World Cup Tickets Are Now On Sale

by Deeplata Garde
Qatar: A Fresh Batch Of FIFA World Cup Tickets Are Now On Sale

Football enthusiasts are the ones who play the sport and not just watch it on screens. So if you love football, but on the ground, then we have news for you. Are you interested in renting football fields or a play area but worry about the cost? Look no farther than the park in your neighbourhood. The official website of Dubai Municipality allows you to book free pitches.

Requirements To Book The Football Fields

On Thursday, March 3, the Dubai Municipality advertised this online service through its official social media accounts. While the booking process is straightforward, you should book ahead of time because they are popular public amenities.
To reserve the facility, you’ll need the following information: Makani number and Emirates ID number.

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Makani is a ten-digit number that indicates the exact position of a building’s entryway. You must know your Makani number to use this service provided by Dubai Municipality. Dubai Municipality will locate available playgrounds and football fields in parks in your neighbourhood based on your Makani number. This number is a location identifier found on every building in Emirates.

Rules To Follow Post Booking

Residents must follow a few Dubai Municipality rules:

  1. Only inhabitants can use the pitch.
  2. Residents should keep the pitch clean and intact or pay the required penalty in case of damage.
  3. Wear suitable athletic clothes
  4. Reservations for the sporting grounds allow only one hour of utilisation.
  5. You can only rent the football fields space only once a week.
  6. No eatables allowed on playgrounds or athletic fields.
  7. If you are more than 15 minutes late, park management reserves the right to assign your space to someone else.
  8. If a booking violates the regulations, the administration has the authority to cancel it.
  9. The park administration is not liable for any theft or personal injuries.

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