Dubai Restaurants Will Soon Tell You The Calorie Count Of Your Meal

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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Dubai restaurants will soon carry the calorific value of each dish on their menu. The initiative is an effort to encourage mindful eating and a healthy lifestyle. 

What’s It?

If you’ve been in Dubai for a while, you’ll definitely know the vibrant food scene the city has to offer. While eating out is enjoyable, it can also be a threat, especially if you are a fitness freak!

Not anymore! The Dubai Municipality has now launched a new rule which urges restaurants to mention the calorific value of each dish on the menu. Talk about healthy eating habits! Restaurants with over five branches across the city will carry the calorie of each dish on the menu starting November this year.

Image Courtesy: Foodbites

Other catering agencies will implement the rule from 2020. The new initiative is an effort to provide healthy and delicious food to the residents while letting them choose food that will do them good.

Dubai Municipality director-general Dawoud Al Hajri said: “ “It is an innovative program of Dubai Municipality, through which the Municipality will encourage restaurants to provide healthy and tasty meals to consumers to achieve Dubai Municipality’s vision of developing a happy and sustainable city.”

What Else?

Meanwhile, if you’re scrambling to stay fit, here are 5 jogging in tracks in the city you must hit right away. 

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