Dubai Safari Park To Close Down For Summer Break

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Safari Park To Close Down For Summer Break

Wildlife enthusiasts in Dubai are in for a pleasant surprise! The much-loved Dubai safari is shutting its doors close once again this year. Yes, you read that right! The safari park will close its doors for summer. Although no information is available on the exact date, the park’s website has put up an announcement about the reopening. The park will reopen in September as per the tweet.

What’s It?

Dubai residents can soon spot white lions, Indian elephants, the native wildlife, like the Arabian oryx and wolf, and much more. Wondering where? The Dubai Safari Park will soon open doors to animal enthusiasts- an announcement on the park’s website mentions.

Credits: Dubai Safari

Tim Husband, the man who helped set up the safari park is leaving the emirate and in his farewell, note to Gulf News has shared news on what’s been happening to the Dubai safari park. Tim mentioned that a lot of things having happening behind the doors at the safari park, after the completion of which the park will reopen later this year.

The adventure park is almost ready with its new makeover. We also hear the park has additional green areas and shades for guests to relax and has also welcomed more animal babies during the shut period. Besides, a few animal shows have also been in the making.

“They were only doing the bird show earlier. We now have the bigger show with birds and mammals. They have been getting the animals ready, practicing ever since the Safari closed. There will be a dog show and another show of birds of prey in the grass area as well”, Tim said.

We are super excited for this and can’t wait for the opening date to be announced!

What Else?

Meanwhile, the next time you head to Mall of the Emirates, you’ve got something new to check out. Adventure junkies have yet another spot in the city to get their adrenaline pumping. Dreamscape VR is the city’s latest VR park and it screams fun. The park has four gaming experiences, three of which will be launched today. Guests can enjoy games like Alien Zoo, Blu Deep Rescue and Curse of the Lost Pearl, while Dreamworks Dragons Flight Academy will be launched in the coming weeks.

Alien Zoo is perfect for those who like to explore life in another planet, where endangered wildlife roam around. If you fancy an underwater mission, try the The Blu Deep Rescue. Lastly, the Curse of the Lost Pearl is said to be a magic projector adventure.

The experiences are said to be one of its kind and is perfect if you wish to get lost in a universe you’ve never seen or heard before. Guests must be above  48 inches and over the age of 10 to play. Entry ticket is priced at AED 75 per visitor. The adventurous journey will last for 35 minutes, with slots every 20 -30 minutes. Participants will also be provided a costume that will help them during the adventure.

We can’t wait to explore this!