Dubai The Popular Tourist Spot To Nha Trang The Cheapest Stay, Here’s The Indian Travel Trend For 2023

Skyscanner, a global travel marketplace, has revealed the Indian travel trend for 2023! Here's what it states.

by Shreya Rathod
Dubai The Popular Tourist Spot To Nha Trang The Cheapest Stay, Here’s The Indian Travel Trend For 2023

This is the last month of the year before we welcome 2024. Skyscanner, a global travel marketplace, has provided data which reveals the Indian travel trend of 2023. From the most popular travel destinations to the cheapest flights, here’s what they have found!

Indian Travel Trend 2023: Most Popular Destinations, Cheapest Flights & More!

indian travel trend 2023
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The global travel marketplace Skyscanner provides an overview of India’s travels in 2023 and looks back on a year of assisting more people than ever in taking trips around the globe. According to Dubai, it will be the most sought-after foreign travel destination in 2023. Appreciated for its contemporary luxury and top-notch attractions, which include man-made islands, enormous shopping centres, and towering buildings, Indian tourists flocked to the glittering metropolis in 2023.

This year, Bangkok ranked as the second most popular foreign travel destination for Indian tourists. In 2023, Indian tourists were enthralled with the city famed for its dynamic energy and rich cultural diversity, from savouring the lively nightlife along Khao San Road to savouring street culinary delights in crowded marketplaces and touring elaborate temples like Wat Pho.

This year, an increasing number of Indian tourists have chosen to visit alternative, reasonably priced Indian destinations that provide excellent food and culture. The lowest flight destination overall, according to Skyscanner statistics, was Jagdalpur, India, where return tickets averaged just ₹3,035 in 2023.

In addition, as their infographic reveals, Skyscanner has determined which city and which three-star hotel will offer the best value for Indian visitors looking to plan a trip in 2023. After evaluating costs for thousands of locations worldwide, Nha Trang, Vietnam, is the most affordable place for Indian tourists looking to stay in a three-star hotel.

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Well-known for its stunning coastline and rich cultural legacy, Nha Trang delivers an affordable vacation filled with a variety of Vietnam experiences.

March Was The Popular Travel Month

indian travel trend 2023
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The data also revealed March to be the most popular travel month for Indians in 2023. It is evident from their reflections on the year of travel that Indians have embraced travel the world in spite of limited financial resources.

This traveller conduct is in line with the emerging trends as reported in their most recent Travel Trends 2024 research, which emphasises that experiences and cultural discovery will be important factors going forward and that Indian visitors’ decisions will no longer be primarily driven by cost.

They anticipate that this momentum will only increase in the upcoming year because the 2024 survey also shows that 86% of Indian travellers intend to travel overseas for the same amount of time in 2024 as they did in 2023, if not more.

Additionally, they forecast that Nice, France, will offer Indian tourists excellent value in 2024 due to a 33% decrease in airfare over the previous year. In 2024, a third of Indian fans said they would fly long-haul and 20% said they would travel short-haul to see their favourite singers perform live. This indicates that Indians will be travelling overseas to witness concerts in 2024.

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