Dubai To Be One Of The Hottest City In UAE With 45°C

by Saniya
Dubai To Be One Of The Hottest City In UAE With 45°C

As we move into July’s second week, temperatures continue to rise with sticky mornings to begin the day with.

The mercury levels are rising in UAE touching 45°C and a humidity level of 85%. The residents of Dubai are sure to feel the heat. Abu Dhabi residents too will be facing a hot and humid day with a temperature of 44°C. Al Ain is set to be the hottest of the emirates as temperatures are predicted to touch 46°C through the day.

What’s It?

The National Center of Meteorology has informed of soaring heat in various parts of the country.
The residents of Dubai must keep themselves hydrated and take care of the summer precautions as
the city is set to overtake Abu Dhabi with its temperatures.

The temperatures are expected to remain high, and moderate breezes are expected to renew the air
and offer some respite from the stickiness. However, the breezes may carry dust so residents averse
to dusty winds must beware too.

As the NCM forecasts for cloud formations over mountains by the afternoon, temperatures are
expected to rise. The nights are expected to see an increased humidity with NCM declaring a
possibility of fog and mist formation for tomorrow morning. So early morning drivers will want to
keep an eye on the NCM updates for fog warnings in the country.

Both the Oman Sea and Arabian Gulf are expected to remain moderately calm as the winds are set
to peak around 38km/h.

It is expected that the weather shall remain hot and humid for the upcoming days; however, a slight
dip in temperatures may be seen as the week progresses.