Dubai’s Biggest Cinema Twice The Size Of A Tennis Court Opens Doors On August 31

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai’s Biggest Cinema Twice The Size Of A Tennis Court Opens Doors On August 31

Football fans, here’s a golden opportunity to watch to Qatar Fifa World Cup without spending money on tickets to Qatar. You can watch every game on the giant movie screen in the area. The public can enter Dubai’s biggest cinema, which will open its door on Wednesday. On Monday, Roxy Cinemas debuted as the area’s most famous movie screen on Dubai Hills Mall.

Biggest Screen To Watch Movies Or Match

Roxy cinemas measure up to twice the size of a tennis court. Yes, it is true; reading the measurement shook us. It measures 25 metres wide and 18 metres high and promises to deliver a jaw-dropping cinematic experience never previously seen in the Middle East.

Fan of privacy? Roxy cinema has a solution to this. The Director’s Box section enables viewers to watch a movie in seclusion. There are a total of 36 such private space boxes. The three boxes, which have 12 seats each, can be reserved singly or collectively.

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Craze To Have Qatar Fifa World Cup Screenings

Around 382 people can accommodate in the 423 square meter space. Millions of fans from all over the world are anticipating the Fifa world cup starting in November. Due to its limited lodging options, the nation has established shuttle services from neighbouring countries to handle the surge of tourists.

Hotels and homestays in the nation anticipate full or nearly complete occupancy rates throughout the World Cup. The fanbase is in thousands, and the region is anticipating chaos. Hence big screens like Roxy cinemas would help ease the crowd and fulfil the fans’ wishes.

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