Dublagadi Is A Secret Beach In Odisha With White Sand Dunes And Lush Greenery

by Shreya Ghosh
Dublagadi Is A Secret Beach In Odisha With White Sand Dunes And Lush Greenery

Odisha is home to some of the most pristine and stunning beaches in India and exploring these places is surely a beautiful travel experience. While you will find these tourist attractions mostly crowded and amidst lots of noise, Odisha is home to a secluded beach that is an escape from the bustle and crowd that transports you a step closer to nature’s lap. The serene destination is Dublagadi beach and here are why you definitely need to explore the beach.

Dublagadi Is An Offbeat Beach In Odisha

Picture credit- Wikipedia Commons

Nestled in Balasore, this stunning beach is one of Odisha’s most picturesque places to explore. The views and landscapes surrounding Dublagadi beach are magnificent visions. You can simply spend hours staring at the beach and admiring its beauty. The stretch of white sand dunes and blue waters overlooking verdant greenery simply is a treat to witness. Amidst no crowd and complete silence, the sound of the waves soothes your soul.

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The ambience helps you to relax and rejuvenate with all of nature’s beauty and glory. Some places are better kept as offbeat with very few visitors restoring nature’s truest beauty and Dublagadi beach is one such destination. You won’t get over admiring this beach’s beauty.

There Are Loads To Explore In This Beach!

Beaches are known for witnessing the most majestic sunsets and you get to watch beautiful views of the sun setting in the West here. If you can wake up very early and reach here, don’t forget to catch the sunrise. With flora and fauna in abundance, you will many red crabs running all around the beach. Running behind the crabs and attempting to catch them is a fun experience. Bird watchers can even spot different birds in between the lush greenery and trees surrounding the Dublagadi beach.

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You can even stay in camps or tents here for an adventurous and thrilling experience. Camping in pleasant weather is always a fun activity and Dublagadi beach is just the perfect destination for camping. If you are looking for a quaint place for a short weekend getaway, this beach is just perfect.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay