Dutch Ambassador’s Leaving India After 5 Yrs, Pens A “Farewell But Not Farewell” Note; Wins Hearts

by Shreya Shriyan
Dutch Ambassador’s Leaving India After 5 Yrs, Pens A “Farewell But Not Farewell” Note; Wins Hearts

As his five-year tenure in India draws to a close, Marten van den Berg, the Dutch Ambassador to India, Nepal, and Bhutan wrote a touching note. A farewell note that is now winning the hearts of every Netizen that has come across it. Filled with gratitude and fondness, he expressed how India has left an indelible mark on him, and much more. 

Dutch Ambassador’s Farewell Note After 5 Years Of Service Wins Hearts

Marten van den Berg, the Dutch Ambassador to India, Nepal, and Bhutan, expressed his heartfelt sentiments as he prepares to leave India after 5 years of service. In his farewell note, he said that he would carry wonderful memories of the country with him. 

He titled his note “Farewell but not farewell,” reflecting on the dream come true for him and his wife Sheila, who is of Indian origin. He also mentioned how they had the opportunity to return to her father’s country when they arrived in India five years ago.

According to Business Today reports, Marten van den Berg said that for five years they observed the potential that defines India. He observed an increasingly confident India and its evolving relationship with Europe and the Netherlands.

In his statement, he expressed his firsthand experience of the vibrant colours, diversity, and delicious cuisine in India. He mentioned reading astonishing Indian novels and watching captivating Bollywood movies. Movies that portrayed women, farmers, heroes, informal workers, and Indian families. 

Moreover, he travelled extensively across the country, visiting Ladakh, Kerala, Rajasthan, and West Bengal, read his note. 

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He Came To India With His Wife Sheila But Is Now Leaving Without Her

In his note, he also emphasized the valuable friendships he formed and the collaborative work with great colleagues. Experiencing the warmth and love of many Indian people, he learned how to navigate the country, his note read. But even after five years, only partially succeeded. 

He also mentioned how he never anticipated leaving India alone. His wife Sheila, passed away a few months ago. Despite this, he departs with beautiful memories and extends gratitude to India for its kind treatment.

As per reports by Business Today, the Dutch Ambassador had earlier expressed his desire to become an ambassador to India due to his love for the country. He had backpacked in India back in 1986 and was mesmerised by the contrasts prevalent everywhere. 

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He described India as a dramatic, intense, colourful, and dynamic nation filled with paradoxes. Another influencing factor for his decision was the fact that his wife was Indian, states the report.

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Cover image courtesy: Marten van den Berg’s Twitter / @BergMarten