Norwegian Ambassador Visits Delhi’s South Extension Market; Says ‘It’s Gol Gappa Saturday!’

by Shreya Rathod
Norwegian Ambassador Visits Delhi’s South Extension Market; Says ‘It’s Gol Gappa Saturday!’

Whether it is pani puri, phuchka, gupchup or gol gappa, almost everyone loves relishing this ‘chatpata’ dish. And every city has its version of making it. However, people swear by Delhi’s gol gappas. In fact, a trip to Delhi is incomplete without eating this yummy snack! Recently, the Norwegian Ambassador Hans Jacob Frydenlund shared a pic of him trying out gol gappas in Delhi — take a look!

Norwegian Ambassador Relished Gol Gappas In Delhi’s South Extension Market

Delhi’s gol gappas are quite famous and people from various parts of the world come there to try them. Norwegian Ambassador Hans Jacob Frydenlund is no different! He recently shared a pic of him trying gol gappas in Delhi.

In his tweet, he wrote that it was a gol gappa Saturday at the South Extension Market in Delhi. He even stated that no matter what the dish is called, it is a yummy thing! Further, he shared that he is turning into a ‘proper dilliwala’. And also asked for suggestions on what he should try next.

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Twitterati Shared Suggestions In The Comments

Twitterati poured suggestions of places that he should visit. One of the users suggested that he should visit Mumbai and try vada pav. Another user asked him to try gol gappas in Lucknow.

One of the users also suggested that he should try phuchkas in Delhi’s CR Park and claimed that they are a better version. People have also suggested various famous Delhi food items like dahi bhalle, raj kachori, chole bhature and more!

In Delhi, there are a few well-known places to try mouth-watering gol gappas. First is Bangla Sweets House located in Gole Market. Though it is famous for some of the most decadent sweets, snacks and chaats, they have a gol gappa stall right outside the shop.

Another place famous for gol gappas is Prabhu Chaat Bhandaar and it is famous among UPSC aspirants. However, your battle to strike a balance between taste and cleanliness will be over when you visit Prince Paan and Chaat, which also serves some of the city’s spiciest gol gappas.

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Raju Chaat, which is conveniently located in the city’s Bengali district, will satisfy all of your puchka-gol gappa desires.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ambassador Hans Jacob Frydenlund/ Twitter & Canva