Eric Garcetti, US Ambassador Relishes Mishti Doi And Other Bengali Dishes At Delhi’s Banga Bhawan

by Shreya Shriyan
Eric Garcetti, US Ambassador Relishes Mishti Doi And Other Bengali Dishes At Delhi’s Banga Bhawan

India is known as a melting pot of culture and multiple cuisines. These cuisines are not just cherished by Indians but also by many abroad. And amongst those is US Ambassador Eric Garcetti who has been relishing the different cuisines of India. The Ambassador was captured relishing Bengali dishes such as Mishti Doi and many more at the Banga Bhawan.

US Ambassador Eric Garcetti Relishes Bengali Cusine At Banga Bhawan

Garcetti and his companions enjoyed a variety of delicious-looking delicacies. His plate features potted luchi (similar to pooris), fish paturi, mochar chop (banana flower fritters), and dal-bhaat.

He also relished two types of rice dishes, one of which appeared to be basanti pulao. The Ambassador savoured aam pora shorbot, similar to Bengali aam panna.

He particularly liked the macher paturi, a unique mustard-coated fish. The dish is typically spicy, tart, and pungent, but also incredibly flavorful.

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He also engaged in conversations in Bengali, showcasing his genuine interest and respect for the culture. In addition to indulging in a variety of delectable dishes, he took the opportunity to discuss the music that resonates deeply with the Bengalis.

Garcetti also spoke about their sincere love for football. Notably, he also made a mention of the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray, acknowledging the profound impact of his work on the world of cinema.

As US Ambassador Eric Garcetti strengthens the diplomatic bonds between the United States and India, he also embraces the opportunity to immerse himself in the country’s rich culture.

Bengali Cusine Finds Its Latest Fan In US Ambassador Eric Garcetti

One aspect of his cultural exploration that stands out is his delightful culinary journey. In a video now circulating now Twitter, he is also seen savouring mouthwatering snacks at Maharashtra Bhawan, truly experiencing the vibrant flavours of the region.

This culinary adventure serves as a testament to his appreciation for local traditions and his desire to forge meaningful connections through shared experiences.

The diplomat shared his experience on the social media platform Twitter with a video of him relishing these dishes. The video garnered a lot of attention and praise for how Garcetti indulged himself in the culture.

In conclusion, the culinary landscape of Bengal reflects the remarkable diversity present within its districts and communities. While food habits, tastes, and preferences may vary significantly, one unifying factor is the central role of rice and fish in their cuisine.

Moreover, Bengali cuisine embraces a rich tradition of multi-course meals, adding an extra layer of depth and indulgence to their gastronomic experience.

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This culinary heritage stands as a testament to the inclusive nature of Bengali culture.

Cover Image Courtesy: US Ambassador Eric Garcetti’s Twitter