DXB Is The Busiest International Airport In The World, Again In July

by Anupriya Mishra
DXB Is The Busiest International Airport In The World, Again In July

From the crowds of travellers, transiting at Dubai International Airport, it doesn’t take a lot to guess that it is an insanely busy airport. As it happens, the Dubai International Airport has continued to dominate the space, emerging at the top by being one of the busiest airports in the world time in again. However, it so happens that this has been proven true by a report as well. We’re talking about the list released by OAG Aviation, wherein DXB was declared the busiest airport for international flights in July 2023.

DXB Is Busiest Airport With International Flights

Dubai Airport
Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to a report by OAG Aviation, it was revealed that Dubai International Airport continues to be the busiest international airport in the world for July 2023. As it happens, the report also mentioned the busiest global airport in the world and this title was taken by the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. It should be noted that DXB stood second in this list. However, if you are wondering about the difference between the two lists, the first one is calculated only by using the international frequency while the second list is calculated using a total frequency, which includes both domestic and international flights.

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What Are The Top 10 Names In The Lists?

In case you’re wondering, the list of the busiest global airports includes the following names.

  1. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
  2. Dubai International Airport
  3. Tokyo International (Haneda)
  4. Dallas Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  5. London Heathrow Airport
  6. Istanbul Airport
  7. Denver International Airport
  8. Los Angeles International Airport
  9. Guangzhou
  10. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

The top 10 names for the world’s busiest international airport are as follows.

  1. Dubai International Airport
  2. London Heathrow Airport
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  5. Istanbul Airport
  6. Frankfurt International Airport
  7. Singapore Changi Airport
  8. Seoul Incheon International Airport
  9. Doha (QA)
  10. London Gatwick Airport

Finally, it’s worth noting that the seats per day at DXB have risen by 2% compared to the previous month!

So, with 4.9 million seats, this airport has achieved 19% more international capacity than the second busiest international airport, which is London Heathrow.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/dxb