Eat This Dosa In A Minute & Win Rupees 1 Lakh!

by Anvi Doshi
Eat This Dosa In A Minute & Win Rupees 1 Lakh!

Under 140 Characters

There’s one place in Mumbai that’s offering Rs 1 Lakh as a contest price for anyone who can finish this pizza dosa.

What Just Happened?

Exactly what you read above, ladies and gents. If you can finish THIS pizza dosa in under 60 seconds, you literally win a lakh rupees. For those who are dual lovers of Indian as well as Mexican cuisine, it truly doesn’t get better than this.

Imagine strings of cheese on light, crisp dosa batter, melting in your mouth the minute you take that first bite! Then there’s also the beauty of tomato sauce mixed with their in-house schezwan mix that is simply drooling worthy.

But there’s one catch to the tale. Scroll below to find out.

Did You Know…

It’s April’s Fool and we’ve got you (possibly irritated) at the fact that you’ve just been pranked! Oops… there’s definitely no Rs 1 Lakh prize. But… there’s still pizza dosa!