Eat Unlimited, Discounts Based On Your Body Size Says A Restaurant; Harsh Goenka Shares Picture  

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Eat Unlimited, Discounts Based On Your Body Size Says A Restaurant; Harsh Goenka Shares Picture   

One word that can bring a huge smile to anyone’s face is ‘discounts’. Isn’t that so true? I mean, who on this earth does not like discounts, and nothing like discounts on food items or dishes? How about your body size helping you get discounts in a restaurant? Sounds weird? Well, industrialist Harsh Goenka shared a picture on his Twitter account that showed how a restaurant is offering discounts based on the customer’s body size. 

Harsh Goenka Shares Picture From A Restaurant

Industrialist Harsh Goenka is very active on Twitter and keeps sharing videos and images that amuse him on the internet. Recently, he stumbled across a picture of a man who tries to pass through a vertical passage with different thicknesses and has different discounts written at different passages. 

He captioned the picture, informing people about the concept, where one can eat as much as they want for a fixed price, and the discount will be given based on the body size of the customer. 

Isn’t that amusing? The picture is from  Mongolian Master, a restaurant in Kuching, Malaysia. Here, the discount on the food you eat depends on the size of your belly. They have an installation with different sizes of passages, and every passage has a different discount to offer. 

Customers have to walk sideways, and they get the discount written over the passage they successfully pass through. The discounts range from 10% to 100%.
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Twitteratis Call It A Superb Idea

This post by industrialist Harsh Goenka has by far received 47.2K views and more than 700 likes. Netizens could not stop themselves from commenting on the post, as the idea was simply unique.  

A huge majority of Netizens simply loved the idea of this restaurant and called it a superb innovation. Many applauded the restaurant for such an amazing idea. While some of them also shared the discount percentage they might receive based on their body size. 

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Did you like this idea?

Cover Image Courtesy: @harshgoenka/Twitter