200 Handpicked Antiques From Air India’s Collection To Be Displayed For The 1st Time In Mumbai!

by Anupriya Mishra
200 Handpicked Antiques From Air India’s Collection To Be Displayed For The 1st Time In Mumbai!

Air India indeed broke all previously held conventions about air travel when it was first launched. As such, the airline used some absolutely jaw-dropping pieces of artwork to redefine a travelling experience for its flyers. And now, this airline is displaying its collection of these carefully curated pieces for the first time in Mumbai. Titled the Maharaja’s Treasure, this show will open at NGMA Mumbai this April. Here’s all you need to know about this upcoming display.

Air India To Display Its Art Collection For 1st Time At NGMA Mumbai

Air India
Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

Air India will be displaying its legendary art collection for the first time at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) Mumbai for the first time this April. Starting on April 27, this show will be open till July 2. Talking about the exhibits, according to a news report by The Times of India, 200 handpicked antiques from the airlines will be displayed at the show. As such, it is expected to be inaugurated in the presence of G Kishan Reddy, the Union Minister of Culture & Tourism, and the show will comprise art pieces by eminent artists. People can expect to find works of renowned artists such as Pilloo Pochkhanawala, MF Husain, K H Ara, B Prabha, G R Santosh, and Raghav Kaneria.

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What About The 200 Art Pieces?

MF Hussain
Pic credits: Flickr/kiran Valipa Venkat

Talking about these carefully curated pieces, these include sculptures and artworks that also have interesting background stories. The collection includes paintings of Phad and Pichwai paintings of Rajasthan and gilded and glass paintings of Thanjavur. You will also find a unique ashtray shaped like elephant heads, which have been upturned to look like a swan and have a blue serpent on its rim. This 1967 ashtray was a souvenir for Air India’s first-class passengers that was created by Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali. However, according to an interesting back story, the artist wanted an elephant instead of money for creating this piece! And as you may have guessed, this unique piece is also among the many exquisite exhibits that will be put on display.

It is expected that the ground floor will be occupied with the works of artists, such as Padma Bhushan awardee, N S Bendre and Lalit Kala Academi awardee, Manu Parekh. The other floor at the show will display abstract canvases of artists like Achuthan Kudallur and Laxman Shrestha.

It’s worth mentioning that this gallery will house these exhibits once the show closes in July.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (All images used are for representative purposes only)