Eating More Junk And Processed Food Can Cause Cardiovascular Diseases Despite Exercise

by Vinita Jain 98

We all know processed and junk foods are unhealthy, but it’s still very difficult for us to ignore a packet of chips or a slice of pizza. Many of us believe that if we exercise regularly we have the freedom to enjoy junk food.  But just because you are working out daily, doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to down junk food.  Recent studies show that eating high-calorie foods can increase your risk of fatalities such as cardiovascular disease and heart attack even after exercising regularly.

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Poor Diet Increases Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

According to the research, a healthy diet combined with regular exercise reduced the risk of fatal illness by 17%. On the other hand, those who had low-quality diets obviously had a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease and a higher risk of obesity-related cancers. The study emphasised again that only exercise cannot fix it. You also need to have a balanced diet.

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Fast Foods Deplete Energy Levels During Exercise

In fact, ultra-processed foods can deplete rather than replenish energy during exercise. The high fat and sugar foods mostly have empty calories, which depletes energy, affects metabolism, contributes to weight gain, and increases the risk of other chronic diseases. Fast food seems to be the last resort for replenishing post-workout energy levels. However, a small study of 11 participants, published in the October 2015 issue of the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, found no effect of fast food on post-exercise glycogen recovery. It was found similar to the effect of isoenergetic sports supplements.

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