Egypt Is No 1 On Top 50 Destinations Globally For Middle East Travellers List

by Anupriya Mishra
Egypt Is No 1 On Top 50 Destinations Globally For Middle East Travellers List

There are several destinations in the Middle East that make for a memorable holiday. Offering fetching landscape, welcoming people, and a distinct Middle Eastern charm, there is something for every traveller here. And recently, a travel marketplace website released its report that ranks Oman among the top 20 spots in the Middle East Traveller Destination Leaderboard and Egypt has snagged the first position. Here’s all you need to know about this ranking report.

Egypt Ranks At 1st Spot For Middle Eastern Travellers

Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to a report released by Wego, an online travel marketplace, it was revealed that Egypt retained its top spot on the board for Middle Eastern travellers! At this point, it’s worth noting that Egypt has retained its top spot for the past six months and has been an annual leader since 2014! Not to mention, Oman stands at the 12th position from its previous 16th rank. This means The Sultanate of Oman jumped four places in the index of 50 destinations globally for Middle Eastern travellers. It is worth mentioning that Egypt is also a preferred destination for travellers from North Africa, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, and the United Arab Emirates as well.

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Saudi Arabia Also Retains Its 2nd Position On The List

Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

As it happens, UAE held its position at the fourth number amongst the top 50 destinations globally for Middle East travellers. It’s worth mentioning that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also dominated its spot at the second position in the list. Talking about the report itself, this was compiled by analysing flights and hotel data of millions of people. Talking about the European destination, the United Kingdom ranks at the top spot for people who are looking to travel outside of the Middle East. With the beautiful landscape and a variety of activities for a myriad of travellers, it’s hardly surprising that Oman managed to make this massive jump in its ranking for Q1 of 2023!

So, with the upcoming long weekend for Eid al Adha, where did you plan to travel?

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