Travellers In Abu Dhabi & Dubai Impacted As Go First Flights Stand Cancelled Till May 5!

by Anupriya Mishra
Travellers In Abu Dhabi & Dubai Impacted As Go First Flights Stand Cancelled Till May 5!

Can you imagine that you make all the arrangements to fly to your desired destination, but just a day or two before you are supposed to take the flight, your flight is cancelled? And now, you are rebooked on a new flight! It sounds like a lot of wasted time and effort, doesn’t it? Well, this is something that’s a reality for passengers of Go First, both in India and the UAE, as they have been impacted due to the cancelled flights on May 3, 4, and 5. Here is more about their flight cancellation impact.

Disgruntled Passengers From Cancelled Flights

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Go First is an ultra-low-cost airline that has been making headlines for its abruptly cancelled flights from May 3-5. However, as a result of these cancellations, people in the UAE and India have also been affected! According to a news report by the Khaleej Times, it was mentioned that travel agents have admitted that people who were to fly to the UAE are now being rebooked on alternative flights. As a result, many flyers in multiple cities in India, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai have been impacted. This has left many passengers infuriated, as their schedules have been affected by the cancellation of flights.

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Refund To The Original Mode Of Payment

While some are instantly booking alternative flights, others have to wait for the refund before they can book another flight due to their restrictive budgets. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that people aren’t too happy with this inconvenience. It’s worth mentioning that the official website of the Go First airline mentions that flights are cancelled on May 3, 4, and 5 due to operational reasons. As a result, they will be issuing a refund to the original mode of payment soon. At the time of writing this article, the website of the airline shows the earliest departure date on May 6, which is a Saturday.

Have you also been impacted by this abrupt cancellation notice?

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