Emerald Bay In Lake Tahoe Freezes For The 1st Time In 30 Years; CSP Officials On Alert

by Shreya Rathod
Emerald Bay In Lake Tahoe Freezes For The 1st Time In 30 Years; CSP Officials On Alert

Mother Nature is a wonder — and so are the climate conditions that surround her. For a couple of years, the weather and climatic conditions on Earth have changed drastically. This has caused some unexpected occurrences. One of which is the Emerald Bay of Lake Tahoe. But what exactly happened there? Well, it has frozen for the first time in thirty years! Here’s everything you need to know about this sudden change.

Emerald Bay Freezes For The First Time!

The State of California is facing harsh weather conditions and intense winter storms. This has caused the iconic landmark ‘Emerald Bay’ to freeze — something that hasn’t happened in over thirty years! Though the bay regularly gets icy during chilly winters, it has never frozen. But this time, the temperature of the region had dropped below the freezing point and the officials were obliged to check the condition of the bay.

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As for Lake Tahoe, it is experiencing the snowiest season in seventy years. And it continues to struggle with extreme weather conditions. The grocery stores have been closed due to snow-piling, roads are not fit for travelling, etc. Meanwhile, the residents have received around $20,000 to clear snow from the roofs of their homes.

CSP Sierra District Superintendent

According to California State Parks Sierra District Superintendent Scott Elliott, this is the first time in 18 years the place has seen the biggest winter. Moreover, the layer of ice that is covering Emerald Bay is unbelievable. The officials are trying to find new places to store snow and keep roads open for commuting. Their priority is to keep the public and staff safe and clear the roofs.

About Lake Tahoe

Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe is a magnificent place surrounded by natural beauty. It is a fabulous place to visit and you can see mountains and serene wilderness. And it is a paradise for adventure seekers! They can try swimming, hiking, camping, snorkelling, and kayaking. The lake is blessed with breathtaking views and clear water that no one can afford to miss!

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But this time snow is hitting hard on this beautiful place!

Cover Image Courtesy: CA State Parks/ Twitter