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Chef Vikas Khanna
by Mallika Khurana 176

The entire world has witnessed the charm of Chef Vikas Khanna as one of the world’s top professionals. With MasterChef India, he has touched the hearts of people all around the globe. He represents India at an international level and made us proud with his dedication, efforts, and great skills. Yet he did not limit himself to working only in the food industry. However, food is what holds his heart and we got a sneak peek into his favourites in India and abroad. On this episode of Tera Gully Mein, Vikas Khanna spoke at length with Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani and shared with us his favourite food joints.

These Food Trucks In NYC Are The Chef’s Favourite

When asked about his favourite eateries in New York City, he instantly started talking about a food truck in Washington Square that sells dosas. Of Course, nothing beats the effect Indian food has! He further shared how the food truck owner takes his good time to make perfect dosas every time. He also shared that this food truck has a waiting of about 45 minutes generally. But no matter how difficult it is to wait, it is definitely worth it in the end.

We can all wait infinitely long for our favourite dishes, can’t we?

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This Ukranian Restaurant Is Also Chef Vikas Khanna’s Favourite

Vikas Khanna

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This food truck is not his only go-to in the city. He also talked about a Ukrainian restaurant named Veselka. This is a 24-hour eatery he was a regular at while studying at NYU.  Serving amazing Ukrainian cuisine, this place has retained a place in his list of favourite places for a long time now. As a student, he was looking for a place with free WiFi and heating equipment and this restaurant was it for him. He considers this place ‘sacred’ to him and we get why.

This conversation about his favourites soon turned into a fun game. Do watch the video to see how it went!

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