Emirates Flight A380 Gets A Diamond Makeover

by Saniya
Emirates Flight A380 Gets A Diamond Makeover

Wonder what a diamond-encrusted lounge would look like in an A380? After giving the Boeing 777 a blingy makeover, Emirates has now got down to a new makeover, according to its social media.

After the popular mock-up of the Boeing 777’s blinged up lounge, it’s Airliner A380’s turn. The First class and Business Class lounges and bar have been decked with a diamond touch.

But here’s a twist in the tale. The perfect touch given to the lounge is a photoshop edit, and not actually a lounge on any of their routes. Responses on social media however, ranged from intrigue to excitement. And some of the folks wish this was real already. After all, who wouldn’t like a touch of luxury- Emirates style.

Bavarian Cuisine Emirates

The airline also plans to go the Oktoberfest way with its special menu this October. Travel to the many routes to Germany via the business, economy, and first-class and enjoy the German-themed menu. This includes German delicacies like Pretzel, Sauerkraut, Leberkäse, Spätzle and much more.

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What Else?

Emirates plans to soon become the first airline to apply the use of biometric technologies approved by the US authorities. This will enable the passengers of Emirates flying into US, to cut time at the security checks. The introduction of biometric technologies is yet another move by Emirates to facilitate quick and smooth passenger travel.

Emirates got its approval from the US Customs Border Protection (CBP) for the facial recognition by biometrics checks at its departure gates. It intends to make biometric boarding available for all its 12 US destinations by 2019 end, Emirates said in a statement on Saturday.

The technology was first put to test by Emirates on departure gates for their flights bound to New York and Los Angeles during this summer in the months of July and August. The results showed 100 per cent biometric boarding, resulting in zero manual checks. This has been a part of Emirate’s vision to speed up processing passengers at the airline’s busy and bustling Dubai hub.