Emirates Has Now Reduced Baggage Allowance

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Emirates has cut down baggage allowance for all tickets that will be purchased from 4 February 2019 by 5kg on Special and Saver economy tickets. 

What Is It? 

Dubai’s national carrier Emirates has made some major changes in there baggage allowance in certain ticket types for Economy class only. The baggage rules will come into effect for tickets being issued from 4th February 2019. The baggage allowance has been reduced by 5kg for Special and Saver economy tickets. Which means Special Economy fares will get 15kg instead of 20kg and Saver will get 25kg instead of 30kg. The baggage rules will be the same as usual for all passengers travelling in Business and First Classes as well as economy ‘Flex’ and ‘Flex Plus’. The new allowance will also not be affected by passengers travelling from Africa or to and from the Americas. 

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Baggage Allowance Chart 

The weight concept applies to all routes, excluding travel to and from destinations in the Americas and travel originating in Africa:

Economy Class

First & Business Class

So make sure you book the right category if you are going on a shopping trip. 

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Dhruv Maniar
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