Emirates Resumes Flights To Thailand, But Not All Travellers Are Permitted

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Emirates Resumes Flights To Thailand, But Not All Travellers Are Permitted

Emirates has resumed flights to Bangkok from 1 September. The Dubai airline is now operating daily passenger flights to Bangkok from the UAE. However, the Royal Thai Consulate General in Dubai has said that Thai nationals cannot take these flights. Thailand has banned international flights until 30 September.

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Thai Nationals Cannot Fly On Emirates Flights

While most countries are trying to bounce back to normalcy, and reopen to tourism, Thailand will not be one of them. Thailand has been one of the most sought-after travel destinations for beach lovers and adventure junkies alike. However, tourists will have to wait a bit longer before planning their next trip to Thailand. This also means that tourists and all those who need a visit visa will not be permitted to take the Emirates flight. Besides, Thai nationals cannot take the flight too.

“Emirates Airline has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand to operate commercial flights to Bangkok currently from the period of September 1 – October 24. However, the above-mentioned commercial flights are operating only for ‘non-Thai nationals’ “- The Royal Thai Consulate General in Dubai clarified this on its Facebook page.

Thai nationals who are UAE residents can travel to Thailand only on approved flights organised by the Royal Thai Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Dubai. The next repatriation flight to Thailand will fly out from Abu Dhabi on September 9, operated by Etihad Airways.

Who Can Travel To Thailand?

Foreigners that are a spouse, parent or child of a Thai national, or who hold permanent residency in the country will be permitted to enter the country. Representatives of government organisation, and those traveling for business can enter the country if they have a valid work permit. In addition, students and those travelling for medical reasons can also enter the country.

Travellers who meet all the above said conditions must obtain permission from the Thai embassy in the UAE before travelling. Besides, all travellers must carry along a certificate of entry, fit to fly documentation, a negative Covid-19 PCR test result and health insurance covering treatment for the virus of no less than $100,000. Upon arrival, all passengers must quarantine for 14 days and must book state-approved accommodation before they can book flights with any airline.

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The Positives

Well, no one can deny the fact that businesses have suffered big time due to the pandemic. But, if we have to look at the positives, there’s a lot to be happy about too. And this is applicable to Thailand as well. Animals have been returning to land, which was earlier invaded by humans. For the first time in six years, green turtles laid eggs at beaches in Koh Samui. Read the full story here.