English Professor Running A Momo Stall In Lucknow Is Impressing The Internet With His English

by Mallika Khurana
English Professor Running A Momo Stall In Lucknow Is Impressing The Internet With His English

If you pause for a moment to think about the wondrous thing this Internet is, you will be blown away, just like the first time you ever texted your friend on Orkut or the first time you saw your long-distance friends on a video call. It always has something new to indulge us and we never get bored of scrolling. From getting grossed out by Dosa Ice Cream to loving those cheese-pull videos, we love it all. Now, another video has taken the Internet by storm, and Netizens have really mixed feelings about it. A food blogger on Instagram, Darpan Khurana, shared a video of a n Englishprofessor selling momos, leaving people surprised.

Viral Video Shows English Professor Selling Momos


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This food blogger posted a video of an English Professor from Lucknow running a momos stall. In this amazing video, the man is seen promoting the homemade and hygienically prepared momos that he serves with schezwan and badam chutney. In the video, he can be heard inviting people to try these special momos with a very thin shell.

He claims that people will get to experience the real taste of ingredients as soon as they eat.  This video instantly went viral, and it currently has 543k likes on Instagram. Naturally, the speaking skills of a momos vendor attracted people more than the taste and quality of his product. 

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Netizens Expressed Their Mixed Feelings

Internet reacts
Photo Credits: Darpan Khurana/Instagram

As students, we always looked up to our teachers for everything. In a way, for many of us, they were the definition of perfect. Especially until the concept of wealth and power entered our minds, being a teacher and passing on some wisdom seemed like success to us, didn’t it?

Surely, the definition changed over the years, but it didn’t decrease the respect we had for our teachers in any way. Consequently, this viral video of this English professor selling momos in the streets of Lucknow portrayed the bitter truth of life. 

This video has received a lot of attention and various kinds of comments. While foodies wanted to know if the momos were worth trying, others were questioning the circumstances under which an educated professor with flawless English was forced to sell street food.

There were many who applauded the courage and talent of this man for proudly selling those homemade momos. Some others pointed out that English doesn’t necessarily translate to hygiene.

What do you think about this extraordinary yet ordinary incident?

Cover Image Courtesy: Darpan Khurana/Instagram