Enjoy A Gastronomical Experience Like No Other In The Maldives

by Shreya Ghosh
Enjoy A Gastronomical Experience Like No Other In The Maldives

A dreamy holiday to the Maldives is about enjoying serene days exploring the beautiful destinations and chilling by the pristine beaches. Words will never be enough to describe the natural beauty of this tropical destination. The perfect blend of lush greenery, soothing atmosphere, stunning beaches, and scenic surroundings — the indescribable charm and glory of this destination will impress you. Well, the Maldives is never only about rejuvenating travel diaries, there are tons of delectable food experiences to explore too. So, let’s tell you all about it!

Maldivian Cuisine Has Loads Of Lip-Smacking Delicacies To Offer!

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The Maldives is a paradise on earth for foodies, especially seafood lovers. Seafood, rice and coconut play are an integral part of the Maldivian cuisine. The authentic and traditional dishes revolve around these 3 primary ingredients. And there are so many delectable Maldivian dishes to try across different courses of a meal. When in the Maldives, get ready to embark on a splendid culinary journey.

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Wondering which are the must-have dishes in this island nation? Well, it is hard to name all, but here are some of the must-try Maldivian specialities. 

  • Boshi Mashuni 
  • Bis Keemiya
  • Garudhiya 
  • Kashikeyo Kandhi
  • Kulhi Roshi
  • Mas Huni
  • Mas Riha 
  • Rihaakuru
  • Saagu Bondibai

Don’t Miss Out On The Sandback Picnic!

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A trip to the Maldives does not always have to be only about exploring serene beaches and picturesque islands. Ever enjoyed a sandback picnic? If not, you surely need to try it out in the Maldives.

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Surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty and never-ending views of beaches merging with greenery, enjoy a picnic with your loved ones right in nature’s lap. Set in a secluded sandback, the views are one of the most mesmerising highlights of your picnic. Enhance your cooking skills and learn fantastic recipes for traditional Maldivian dishes here. Learning to cook new dishes while holidaying in a new destination surely seems  super fun. To make your experience more enjoyable, a local chef stays with you and assists you all along this cooking journey. Well, the best part awaits you at the end. After an enriching cooking experience in an extraordinary setting, enjoy the delicacies with your loved ones and create remarkable memories. 

The perfect blend of breathtaking serene holidays and such a gastronomical journey will make your Maldivian holiday the most memorable!

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