Equal To 10 Firefighters, Abu Dhabi Unveils Its Robot Firefighter

by Ishita Agarwal
Equal To 10 Firefighters, Abu Dhabi Unveils Its Robot Firefighter

GITEX global, the biggest tech expo in the world, is excited to have you at the Dubai World Trade Center. You can witness a new world of technology along with powered solutions. Recently, the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense unveiled a Thermite Robot, aka Robot Firefighter, at Gitex Global, which is comparable to ten firefighters. Sounds impressive, right? Well, let’s check out more about this interesting project. 

Mind-Blowing Features Of This Robot Firefighter 

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The Thermite Robot includes two waterspouts; the bigger one can be used to spray water liberally over a burning item, and the smaller spout can spray water more precisely. It can constantly operate on diesel for 20 hours without needing to be refilled. Up to 300 metres away, it may be operated using a remote.

Moreover, up to 1.5 tonnes of impediments may be pushed aside by a specialised arm in front of the robot. Up to 4 tonnes of objects may be removed from a fire scene using the robot’s retractable wire hook at the rear. The bigger water spout has a huge exhaust fan at the rear that you can use to vent smoke. 

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The Thermite Robot Is A Promising Future In Civil Defence 


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The main advantage of employing this robot is that you can replace it even if it is damaged in a fire. In addition, the robot’s 2,500 gallons per minute water pump spout will be very useful for putting out flames in high-risk regions.

This robot will help put out the fire and clean up the tunnel simultaneously. The robot also has cameras, a temperature sensor, and wheels that enable it to cross uneven ground, including railroad lines.

The GITEX 3.0 edition has seven tech-related themes, including two brand-new ones, Global DevSlam and X-Verse, as well as North Star Dubai start-ups, AI Everything, Future Blockchain Summit in partnership with VARA, Fintech Surge and Marketing Mania.  

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So, are you excited to see this Robot firefighter working? Share your thoughts about this exciting technology in the comment section below. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Gitexglobal