Ettarra Cafe Is The Newest Space In Mumbai For Hearty Filter Kaapi, Nariyal Ice Cream Frappe, Expresso Tonic And More

ettarra coffee house
by Shreya Rathod 213

Doesn’t a cup of coffee sound calming and perfect for an evening? Sipping a freshly brewed coffee with some snacks while enjoying the sunset is what a perfect evening sounds like. Well, if you are a fan of coffee, then we have a new place for you to try out. We promise you will like this cosy little place called Ettarra Coffee House and will want to grab a book with that hot steaming Kaapi. 

Ettarra Coffee House: Your Destination To Spend An Evening

ettarra coffee house

Credits: Ettarra Coffee House/Instagram

A new and happening place has made its way to the streets of Juhu in Mumbai. This Indian version of English coffee houses marks its territory with their Kappi and Papparoti. With a cosy ambience and South Indian traits, they are ready to serve you freshly brewed coffees with authentic South Indian snacks. Their coffee menu includes the classic South Indian filter coffee, Filter Kaapicino, Hazelnut Frappe and Espresso Tonic. If you are the mood for something fusion, then try their Nariyal Irish Cream Frappe that has a delicate taste of coconut. Also, they serve Madagascar Hot Chocolate which you will surely like. 

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Sweets And Other Delicacies

Coffee houses are incomplete without sweet treats that complement the rich flavour of coffee. To keep its reputation, Ettarra has its own curation of sweet treats, including a variety of Berliners and Tarts. Their menu has Chocolate Hazelnut Tart, Chocolate Mousse Berliner, Salted Caramel Berliner, Blueberry Berliner, Chocolate Tart, and Chocolate Crinkle. They also serve Papparoti, which tastes delicious with filter coffee. 

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So, when are you visiting this coffee nook? Well, when you do, don’t forget to grab a pack of banana chips fried in coconut oil that taste heavenly.  

Where: Juhu
When: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Cost: Approx ₹500 for two

Cover Image Courtesy: Ettarra Coffee House/Instagram